Q: What is Corian® Solid Surface and what other solid surface products are available? 

A. Corian is an acrylic based product supplied in sheet form. The sheets are formed, routed , sanded and finished into custom countertops, vanities and furniture. While Corian®, is the most recognized brand name, Staron®, Hi-Macs®,Avonite®, Wilsonart®, and Formica® are also outstanding products offering additional colours.


Q: Are solid surface products heat resistant? 

A. Yes. While high and direct heat will damage most solid surface products, solid surface materials do not burn or combust. If your counter is damaged by excessive heat, in most cases, it can be repaired. To prevent heat damage, always use a hot pad or trivet with rubber feet. Hot pots, as well as some heat generating appliances like frying pans and crockpots, can damage the surface if some protective means is not used.


Q: How long do solid surface countertops last?
A. Under normal usage they can last many, many years


Q: How do acrylic solid surface’s compare to polyester?
Acrylic is a more durable material than polyester, which scratches more easily and can be brittle.


Q: What is the thickness of solid surface?
Half an inch thick – edges can be built up to most any size.


Q: Can solid surface countertops be repaired?
Yes, our trained technicians can repair almost anything.


Q: Are solid surface countertops scratch resistant?
Yes, however we recommend using a cutting board when cutting on it.


Q: Can solid surface countertops be scratched?
Yes, they are subject to light surface scratching. However, a light abrasive cleanser and scotch-brite pad will aid in removing such surface scratching.


Q: Does red wine, curry powder, etc. stain a solid surface countertop?

A. Since solid surface is non-porous, stains that may appear to be permanent need only a touch of elbow grease and a cleanser such as Fantastik or Lysol. Tea stains are easily wiped clean with little effort. For general cleaning and most stains, use ordinary dish soap and water. For difficult stains use an abrasive cleaner like Comet or Ajax.


Q: Is solid surface non-porous?

A. Yes


Q: Is solid surface seamless?

A. All seams are innocuous.


Q: Do I need to remove my existing countertops before you template?

A. Yes, so that an exact measurement can be taken.  


Q: How long from templating will it take to install my computertops?

A. Usually 7 – 10 business days.


Q: Will repairing or refinishing a solid surface reveal a different color underneath that won’t match the rest of the countertop?

A. Solid surface’s are homogenous. In other words, the same color and the same material through and through. That’s why repairing scratches is so easy and why the surface will continue to look like new.


Q: Do some colors last longer than others?
A. Not necessarily, though light colors show wear less visibly and require less frequent maintenance than darker ones.


Q: After I buffed out a scratch or stain with a light-duty scrubbing pad, the area is duller than the rest of the countertop. What should I do?

A. The finer the grit of cleaner or scrubber you use, the higher the gloss. For the highest gloss finishes, use a finer grit such as a white polishing compound with water and try to blend it with the rest of the countertop. Buff and dry with a smooth cloth.


Q: What is the advantage of solid surface over granite?

A. If granite is not sealed regularly, it can become stained and harbor bacteria, viruses and mold. Seams in granite are also difficult to keep clean. Solid surface is nonporous with smooth, impenetrable seams. It is more impact-resistant than granite, and custom designs are easier to fabricate. Unlike granite, solid surface is also repairable.